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Doctor Directory

Designed to help patients receive cannabis-friendly doctor recommendations.

Cannabis Forum

Forum to allow Missourians the ability to openly converse about everything cannabis.

Staffing Directory

Built for those looking to work or hire in the industry.

Every Business

Every cannabis friendly business we can find.

Branding & Marketing

Anyone can build a brand, but can they sell it? At ICI, that’s what we do. Using informal focus panels, we have found a way to not only create tailored brands for your unique products, but also a way in which to deliver them.


The consulting services we provide at ICI are for those trying to break into the marijuana industry, and also for established companies. Whether it be in an “a la carte” form or a long-term, professional relationship, we at ICI will charge accessible fees to share valuable industry information that is not easily found.

Research & Development

R&D is expensive and time-consuming. Through our large network of contacts locally and in cannabis-legal states, we’ve done the research and design so you don’t have to. ICI offers a full-scale R&D package available for purchase – a jumpstart for any company struggling with sales or new ideas.

Product Design

At ICI, we utilize 15 Core Concepts for a total catalog of over 1,000 products. Each one of our concepts has been researched and designed for superiority and profitability.

Management & Representation

We want to work with and represent Missouri’s finest cultivators and processors – giving them a platform so their skills and products reach all Missourians. We offer unmatched management, representation, insulation and networking of highly qualified individuals.

Questions? Request an analysis or quote at louis@intuitivecannabis.com

Chris O'Keefe

Founding Partner

Chris O’Keefe founded ICI in November 2016 and became a Missouri-based company shortly after the passing of Missouri Constitutional Amendment 2. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Chris got his start in San Diego in 2010 working part-time in sales. Chris’ primary achievements came in creating successful formulas and processes to infuse superior and affordable marijuana products. His innovation and attention to detail in the industry has more than satisfied many professionals across the United States. He is proud to be working in the city he lives in. In addition to ICI, Chris also works part-time as a professional realtor for a successful St. Louis company.

Our Roots

Meet Intuitive Cannabis Founder Chris O’Keefe

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Product Solutions

Creative Products

Our products are inspired by the world around us. We want to work like artisans – and we value quality as much we do creativity.

Low Labor/ High Output

Quality over quantity. Our business model is centered around teaching Missourians how to set up shop and brand their items.

Professional Sales Force

Never feel lost again. Our sales team is here to assist you with all of your questions and concerns.

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